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ENTERPRISE, AL (WTVY) [UPDATE: August 15, 2016 at 5:57 PM CT]
Of the 235 people tested for Tuberculosis last week in Enterprise, 8 tested positive for the latent infection.

This comes after an active case of TB was confirmed in an employee who worked for HS Automotive USA in Enterprise

That employee will remain at home until they are no longer contagious.
If someone has latent TB, they are not contagious.

The agency says there is no reason to believe there are additional cases.

An active and contagious case of TB is reported in an employee of HS Automotive USA in Enterprise- a local rubber goods manufacturing plant.

Since the report, all employees (over 200) who worked alongside the contagious individual have been tested. Their test results will be available on Friday (8/12).

HSUA issued a statement saying:
“HSAU was notified by the Alabama Department of Public Health that when a person tests positive for tuberculosis (TB), the Department notifies family members and the employer of that person as a precaution and invites testing of those individuals who could have come into contact with the person who tested positive. Under this policy, the Department of Public Health notified HSAU that a person who works for the company tested positive for TB. The Department suggested that it test HSAU employees out of an abundance of caution and is doing so. HSAU has no additional reason to believe that any other employees face any health risks at this time and is cooperating fully with the Department.”

Pam Barrett, the Director of Alabama's Division of TB control told News 4: "This is not a new thing for (the department). We had 133 cases of active TB in Alabama last year, so this is something we do all the time. Sometimes it's a little more high profile with people who work in large businesses or you're dealing with companies.. but this is pretty typical for the area. it's not a huge outbreak or anything like that."

Barrett stresses that this latest case is in no way related to former cases of TB involving those frequenting Dothan nightclubs.

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