36 vehicles, 1 semi with flat tires after screws spill on I-10 in Mississippi

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JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Thirty-six vehicles and one 18-wheeler were sidelined on Interstate 10 Tuesday afternoon after running over roofing screws. The semi-truck alone lost five tires.

(Source: MGN)

WLOX received multiple reports from Jackson County of vehicles in the westbound lane with flat tires. Mississippi Highway Patrol said they believe a vehicle accidentally lost a container full of roofing screws.

Troopers have not targeted where exactly the debris begins but it appears to be most prominent on the Pascagoula River Bridge. We have received reports of vehicles with flat tires stretching all the way to exit 50 in Ocean Springs.

By 3pm, the debris was removed from the road, and traffic was returning to normal.

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