UPDATE: Pig owner jailed after 350-pound animal attacks 3-year-old in north Alabama

Shown on the left is a blurred image of the injuries sustained by 3-year-old Bella White in a pig attack. On the right is a blurred image of the injury after it was stitched by medical staff.(Courtesy photos)
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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (AL.com) — [UPDATE: 7/28/2017 at 12:22:23 PM]
A north Alabama pig owner is jailed after the 350-pound animal attacked a 3-year-old girl.

Thomas D. Brown, 21, of Rogersville, is charged with misdemeanors reckless endangerment and permitting livestock to run at large. Brown was arrested late Thursday on the warrants. The warrants were issued when the attack victim's family obtained police reports and requested warrants from a magistrate, according to Lauderdale County sheriff's Investigator Brad Bolton.

White said the pig, named Booger, has been an ongoing nuisance in the neighborhood because its owner fails to keep it in a pen.

Brown is held in the Lauderdale County Jail with bail set at $6,000. The maximum sentence for misdemeanors is one year in jail.

Lauderdale County Animal Control took the pig following the attack. A spokeswoman wasn't immediately available for comment Friday morning.

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A 3-year-old north Alabama child is recovering from injuries she suffered in a pig attack Monday morning outside her home.

Bella White was playing outside her family's Rogersville home with her older brothers when a neighbor's 350-pound pig came into the yard and grab her by the arm, the girl's mother told AL.com.

"My boys came running in and said a pig was attacking Bella," her mother Amber White said. "I got outside and the pig had her arm in his mouth. I kicked, punched and picked up that pig until he finally let go of my daughter."

White said she scooped up her daughter and ran to the porch at their Lauderdale County Road 26 home. She pulled off her daughter's shirt and saw the severe injuries.

"There was blood everywhere," White told AL.com. "There was tissue everywhere. The bone was even showing."

White said she called 911 and paramedics responded to the home. Because of the severity of Bella's injuries, the child was taken by medical helicopter to Huntsville Hospital's children's unit.

Bella received three layers of stiches on the front of her arm and an additional patch on the back side. White said it took more than two hours for hospital staff to close the wounds. Bella is scheduled to see an orthopedic specialist Wednesday for assessment of whether she needs surgery or sustained any long-term nerve damage.

"This has been traumatic," White said.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said his office took a police report about the incident. It's not clear what charges the pig's owner could face.

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