20th Anniversary: First responder relives Princess Diana's crash scene

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LONDON -- (WTVY) Overnight a candle light vigil was held for the 'Peoples Princess'.
In the rain, Diana's boys William and Harry retraced their steps of 20 years ago to see the flowers left in memory of their mother, taking some themselves from the public to the gates of Kensington palace.
Echoes of two decades ago, a sea of flowers were outside the home where they had lived with her until her sudden death when William was 15 and Harry just 12.
There were flowers in Paris too, where we took Dr. Frederic Maillez back to the fateful tunnel.
He was one of the first people on the scene when Diana's car crashed.
"I arrived no more than 30 seconds after the accident."
Dr. Maillez did what he could to assist the injured passenger in the back seat.
"I remember a very pretty young woman with nice hair, no blood, she didn't have any blood on her face.
"Did she respond?"
"She never spoke. She never said anything."
"Did you speak to her?"
"I said the ambulances were on the way and everything would be all right. I'm pretty sure my words were the last words she heard."
The days that followed rocked the royal family.
This morning, 2 decades later, her impact was still felt.
"She had a way of connecting with people of all ages."
While there are many conspiracy theories about Princess Diana's death, French investigators say driver HenrI Paul was 3 times over the legal alcohol limit under French law when he crashed into the pillars.

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