2018 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam sets record attendance numbers

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL. (WTVY) - Having access to the beach while also having access to live music…Panama City Beach hosted thousands of country music fans over Labor Day weekend for the 2018 Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam.

Craig Campbell, Publicist for Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, says “Friday night we had 23,000 people here, last night 25,000…I have no idea how many we’re going to have tonight.”

This is the sixth year Gulf Coast Jam has been held at Frank Brown Park.

“We will feed…it’ll be, I think it’s about 1800 meals a day. So, you figure 600 people just working backstage,” says Campbell.

Rendy Lovelady, Executive Producer for Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam, says “It’s just been absolutely amazing. Last night we saw over 25,000 people in the park. It’s-it’s just all the bells and whistles, the good Lord has looked out for us because the weather seems to just miss us and I mean, it’s just been amazing.”

When it comes to the amount of ticket sales, staff at Gulf Coast Jam says this is their biggest year yet.

“Every year we’ve gotten a little bigger and a little bigger. This year, we’re about 20% higher than last year,” says Lovelady.

If you’re looking for a deal…Gulf Coast Jam has a little bit of everything to offer festival-goers.

“Bottom line if you’re looking for a “fun in the sun”…We always call them our fourth headliner and that’s the beach. You come spend the whole day on the beach, go to the fishing, play golf, lay in the sun, and then come over here around 2:30PM-4:00PM in the afternoon and we just have a big ol’ party here that goes until midnight. Come and have a good time with us,” replied Lovelady.

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