15 Year Old Is Killed In An Accident Near His Home

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NEWVILLE, AL (WTVY) The Jenkins family will never be the same as their 15 year old son was killed Wednesday, in a violent collision.

"It's very tragic seeing the family living right next door. it's a close knit community. he lived right next to his grandmother and he would be been 16 in a couple of days", said A.L.E.A. Troooper Kevin Cook.

Cody Jenkins was just taking out the trash, “bringing in some trash cans” as Cook put it when he was hit and flung approximately 150 feet away by a Chevrolet Impala. He was killed as a result of 27 year old Jeremey Carruthers of Abbeville, swerving, along County Road 73 in Newville.

"In this community that we live in everybody knows everybody. you may not know them personally but you know their parents or know their grandparents", said Derek Wright, the Coroner who was on the scene.

Wright went on to mention that Jenkins’ grandfather actually use to work for Fire and Rescue and they’ve worked together on a number of cases. Jenkins said he didn’t know Jenkins’ grandson, personally but he has children that did. In a small community everyone knows everyone. But still Wright said the teens grandfather never imagined he’d have another scene, just this time would be for a relative.

"That’s what the granddaddy was telling me. he said i've. said as many times as we've worked wrecks and said i never thought I’d be here in my own front yard and be my own grandson”, said Wright.

For Carruthers, he was not injured on the scene after also hitting two other cars and not coming to a stop until he hit an electric pole. He is charged with murder and is currently being held at the Henry county jail. His blood was drawn, to see if he was under the influence.

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