13 Charles Henderson High School students sign into military service

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TROY, AL (WSFA) - Thirteen high school seniors at Charles Henderson High School were honored at the school’s first-ever Military Signing Day on Thursday.

“I wanted to recognize kids and recognize their abilities to join the team. I wanted to show them that there’s much more out there other than sports," said Eugene Murphy, the school’s JROTC instructor.

All branches of the United States Armed Forces were represented at the school’s Military Signing Day.

“I kind of come from a military family,” said Rhezgeine Dobbins.

Dobbins enlisted in the United States National Guard.

“I want leadership skills. They say you go into basic training and they break you down and mold you into a new person, and that’s really what I’m looking forward to, and I feel like I have the leadership skills to do it," Dobbins said.

Tatyana Siler also enlisted in the military. Siler was being recruited by various colleges for basketball, when one branch of the military caught her attention.

“I was getting recruited for basketball and the Air Force got a hold of me, and they started telling me about the benefits, what it means to be in the Air Force. It was their honor code that really just made me want to go," Siler said.

This was the first year Charles Henderson High School hosted a Military Signing Day, and Murphy said it won’t be the last.

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