100th Birthday For Dothan Resident Is One For The Ages

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Mildred Pelt celebrated a birthday like no other, on Monday, a birthday very few people have seen. It was her 100th birthday. She celebrated her birthday with friends and family at Wesley Manor in Dothan.

Mildred was born in Nashville, Georgia and later moved to Marianna, Florida, with her husband Chester. But just speaking with Mildred, no one could imagine she turned 100. But age runs in her family that very few of her relatives share. Her brother just missed making 100, but her grandmother was nearly a breath away, passing away at 98. She credits her old age to her grandmother.

But of all the memories she has, and there is a lot; a century worth of them, one of her most cherished memories is that of her 50th wedding anniversary.

"You know I had a very good marriage and the, I guess our 50th wedding anniversary was one of the happiest days that we had", said Mildred.

She said it was very special because relatives from all over came to celebrate. She said they even had relatives come in from across the pond in other countries.

Mildred said she doesn’t have a secret to living so long, she said like anyone getting older there’s a few things she can’t do anymore, but enjoying every day is one she can. And as far as the next step goes, she told her table mates as soon Monday ends, she’ll start preparing for 101.

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