Edith Vester named Peanut Festival Volunteer of the Year

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Every year The National Peanut Festival honors an exceptional volunteer.

This year, it was Edith Vester.

Making sure the Peanut Festival runs smoothly every year is an all year job.

No one knows that better than Edith.

She says,
"Every year around July, I come to answer the phones or do mail-outs, whatever needs to be done."

She has been volunteering every year since the 1960s.

"It is a family thing, I love helping and talking to people."

But telling her the news was the fun part.

Edith thought her husband, Raefield Vester, was going to be recognized for his work at the festival.

He was the first African American Peanut Festival president.

But, little did she know, everyone was there to honor her.

Carrie Cavender is the office manager at the fairgrounds.

She says,
"She and I have worked so closely together, we have gone through so much, she cried and I cried."

Edith says, "I just enjoy getting in there, doing the work. I've never thought about being recognized so it was very special, and it is cool that they thought enough of me to be volunteer of the year for this time."

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