Make your engagement ring unique!

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Sponsored - Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision.

“Not only is it a sign of your love but you’ll be wearing it for the next 50 years,” said Ronny Lisenby, Registered Jeweler at Bradshaw’s Jewelers. While classic designs like a diamond solitaire never goes out of style, it’s good to know if you’re looking for other options the sky’s the limit!

“Your options are unlimited,” Lisenby said “We can do whatever you want to do. If you want to have a rose gold ring,we can make it rose gold. If you want part rose gold and part of it white gold we can do that.”

But there are even more wild options than that! One of the trends that has been big in recent years in engagement rings is the use of colored stones like emeralds or different colored diamonds. But beyond that you can even consider choosing colored gold!

“You might be surprised to learn that we can even make that gold in your ring green to accent a stone,” Lisenby said. “We do that by adding tint and mix to change the color of the gold.”

The most important thing for many people choosing an engagement ring is the ability to make it one of a kind, as an important symbol of the relationship. But with such unlimited options in design, Lisenby says narrowing down your ideas helps.

“We can do rings any way you want them, any style you want them, so we advise clients to bring us pictures of designs you like, or just come in and look because we have over 700 rings in stock that you can choose from, ” Lisenby said.

“Typically you want something just for you and just like a custom wedding dress, we can do a custom ring,” said Lisenby. “That goes for the diamond selection as well. If you want a bigger diamond, smaller diamond, square stones, round stones, pear stones, oval stones, we can do it all.”