Add warmth to your home with natural wood finishes

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Natural wood finishes in light stain colors like beach wood are at the top of many decorators must have lists. Beach wood adds warmth and texture to your home. The natural wood creates a cozy and inviting feeling with a light color reminiscent of a day at the beach.

The trend is one of the more popular choices of customers at the Rustic Barn, where clients find the time worn look they crave in quality furniture built to last.

“This is brand new rustic furniture built from new wood,” said Philip Reeder, Owner Rustic Barn. “But it’s distressed so that it’s made to look like rustic furniture. You get brand new wood, and brand new materials that are built with quality.”

For evidence of the craftsmanship look no further than the construction of the dressers.

“The drawers, for instance, have dovetail joints and ball bearing sliders, so you get the new premium works and endurance of premium furniture that looks rustic,” Reeder said. “It works well because now days people are looking for good rustic furniture and a lot of the rustic furniture out there is not premium quality.”

The other must have design trend that hasn’t shown any signs of fading is the barn door style. It’s also been a popular item at Rustic Barn.

“We’ve got barn door design furnishings, and enough selection to complete your decor in every room,” Reeder said. “In fact, we have enough selection to furnish not just one home but two.”