Evan Chickvara

Meteorologist, WTVY
Dothan, AL

My initial interest in weather began as a result of several significant events, the first being Hurricane Floyd in 1999. I recall being terrified of the shear size of the storm as I watched the outer bands approach. This fear was quickly replaced by curiosity and interest. The Weather Channel was my favorite program to watch and became my source of entertainment and education about the weather. My interest grew as I went through high school where I had the opportunity to take a course in Meteorology, which is when I decided to pursue the field further. This led me to Mississippi State and the beginning of what I hope is a long and successful career in the field.

In 2011, the devastating Super Outbreak on April 28 leveled the city of Tuscaloosa. My fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, traveled to Tuscaloosa where we assisted in relief efforts in any way possible. This life-changing experience opened my eyes to the true power of nature and the destruction it can cause as well as a new perspective on tornadoes. On April 27, 2014, professors, fellow classmates and I embarked on a storm chase that bore us witness to yet another tragedy in Louisville Mississippi. Both experiences changed my life by exposing the bitter reality left behind long after the storm had passed and how it forever changed the lives of people within these cities. It stressed the importance a broadcast meteorologist serves to the community and the ability to get in front of a camera and save lives.

In addition to my passion for weather, I'm an avid fan of Braves baseball and Mississippi State Athletics. I also enjoy anything outdoors especially fishing, camping, and river floating.

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