Traffic sensor lights causing delays in Dothan getting fixed

City crews reprogrammed light sensors at intersections to help ease delays, now they're adding a new traffic light to mitigate congestion.
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 10:26 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Traffic woes are coming to a standstill in Dothan.

City crews have been working to reprogram traffic light sensors at intersections across the Circle City to help ease delays.

“We fixed all of that. It is done right now, everything we had so far has been finished, and we have not had anything extra yet,” Noah Murphy, the traffic engineer for the city of Dothan, said. Murphy said some of the roads with faulty sensors were recently repaved, which played a factor in the recent issues.

Murphy’s department is now looking at tackling congestion in the city with a new traffic light. The new light will be installed at the John D. Odom entrance to Baptist Village.

The hope is the new light will improve traffic circulation and assurance for drivers on that roadway.

“Most of the traffic backs up during the PM hours. Everybody is trying to get out of Publix onto John D. Odom turning left. The amount of traffic turning on John D. Odom and the number people of turning left is not enough gaps,” Murphy said.

Murphy said it feels good to improve wait time while keeping drivers safe on the road.

“The biggest thing is safety. We are always trying to make it as safe as we can. If we could, we want to get those loops back in and make it safer for the lights to work as best as they can, but also moving traffic through those peak hours to get everybody moving and safe and home where they need to be,” Murphy stated.

Murphy said the new traffic light is expected to be up and running hopefully before Christmas.

Anyone that sees lights causing traffic delays in the city of Dothan are urged to report it, which you can do so by calling (334) 615-4477.

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