11-year-old boy earns money to buy cousin Xbox during his medical recovery

Published: Aug. 11, 2023 at 10:37 AM CDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - They say cousins are friends by blood that grow with you forever, and one local family can attest to that with one young boy going the extra mile for his cousin.

11-year-old best friends Grady Lisle and Davis Leatherwood share a lot in common. Not only do the two cousins enjoy baseball, but they also love a good video game session.

“We like Fortnight, this game called Fall Guy’s,” said Davis Leatherwood.

But this summer hasn’t been all about video games, it’s been about Grady’s health.

Born with a cleft lip and palate, Lisle underwent another revision surgery.

His cleft lip and soft palate affects his speech. His cousins, and parents translating what others can’t make out. He consistently works with a speech therapist.

“Grady had a surgery on his soft palate, we had the surgery, and everything was ok,” said Grady’s mother Shea Lisle. “We came home for 4 days, and he sneezed and when he sneezed, he started bleeding very badly.”

That sneeze leading Grady to The University of Alabama Medical Center (UAB) for emergency surgery.

Doctors couldn’t find an airway so he ended up with a trach insertion.

Now, this is where his cousin Davis comes in.

“Davis said, mom one of the things that Grady likes to do is play on the Xbox, and I want to surprise him with an Xbox,” said Davis’s mom Beth Leatherwood.

“Why not get him one,” said Davis. “It’ll be something for him to do while he’s in recovery.”

Davis took on odd jobs.

“I helped my grandparents out a lot,” said Davis.

“He reached out to family and friends and asked what odd jobs he could do,” said Leatherwood.

Davis earning the 300 dollars and taking a trip to Sam’s Club to buy the game console.

“Davis price matched at several stores to make sure he was getting the best price. said Leatherwood.”

Grady expressed his gratitude.

“I was surprised, said Lisle.”

Now the Xbox allows the boys bond to be shared together or apart.

Showing that family means everything to the Leatherwoods and Lisles.

“Family means a lot to me,” said Davis. “Every minute I get to spend with them is just awesome.”