Gov. Ivey signs several bills into law Thursday

From education to taxes, Ivey signed several bills into law Thursday said to benefit Alabamians...
From education to taxes, Ivey signed several bills into law Thursday said to benefit Alabamians now and in the future.((Source: Gov. Kay Ivey's Office))
Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 10:53 AM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Gov. Kay Ivey signed a handful of bills into law Thursday. From education to taxes, these bills are said to benefit Alabamians now and in the future.

The first two bills Ivey signed into law were HB363 and SB263 which deal with public charter schools and the Alabama Accountability Act scholarship program.

“While some parents in other states are finding themselves being forced aside, here in Alabama, we believe strongly that a parent should be able to decide what is best for their own child’s education,” Ivey said. “To help support high-quality education and create more choices for parents, I have prioritized improving school choice. Both HB363 and SB263 will certainly help us make progress, and the bill sponsors Representative Terri Collins and Senators Donnie Chesteen and Will Barfoot did yeomen’s work in getting this needed legislation across the finish line. I am proud to put my signature on these two bills so that more students have an opportunity for a strong educational experience.”

Along with school choice, Ivey signed HB217 into law, which eliminates income taxes on all overtime pay for Alabama hourly workers. Prior to signing HB217, Ivey added an executive amendment to remove the $25 million annual cap, move up the program’s sunset date to June 30, 2025, and add reporting requirements to better monitor the fiscal impact of the overtime-pay exemption on the State’s Education Trust Fund.

“Today’s national economy presents challenges for working families, especially our blue-collar, hourly workers,” Ivey said. “The men and women of the Legislature, alongside my Administration, have worked diligently to provide relief to Alabamians wherever possible while also being mindful of the fact our budgets will not always be in a place of such surplus. By eliminating state income taxes on all overtime pay, we are directly putting more hard-earned money into the pockets of our hardest, most dedicated workers and helping our employers overcome workforce shortages, which has become one of their biggest challenges. I appreciate Minority Leaders Daniels and the Legislature’s measured approach on this bill, and I’m proud to sign it into law.”

Ivey also signed HB293 related to port credits.

“As Alabama’s economy continues to grow, our public ports are valuable assets for businesses seeking to ship their in-demand products through the state,” Ivey said. “This legislation, which increases port-use tax credits, will encourage businesses engaged in manufacturing, warehousing or distribution in the state to increase the volume of the cargo they ship through Alabama’s public ports. A compliment to Alabama’s successful ‘Game Plan’ economic incentives package which I signed into law in April, this legislation will also attract more jobs and investment to our state.”

Alabama Port Authority Director and CEO John C. Driscoll shared the below remarks, thanking the Alabama State Legislature and Governor Ivey for their substantial support of the State’s Port Authority in the 2023 State Legislative Session.

“This investment in the Port is truly an investment in the entire state, and the infusion of cash means we will be able to do more, faster to ensure the Alabama Port Authority is the most modern and efficient port,” Driscoll said. “We have always punched above our weight, reinvesting everything outside of operating costs to continue to improve our ability to serve all 67 counties in Alabama and beyond. Our mission is to make Alabama the most globally connected economic engine in the country. In addition to the generous budget allocation, economic developers statewide will benefit from an increased port incentives package that is an excellent addition to The Game Plan, the statewide incentives package passed earlier in the session. At the Port, our mission is to help Alabama’s economy grow. We’re thankful for the support of legislators, local officials, and our federal delegation in helping us achieve this goal. But we can’t do it alone. Every day is a competition with other states and countries to attract high-caliber businesses. This session’s investments in the Port will help our state compete regionally and globally.”

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