Proud to be a Farmer: Kelly AG in Headland

Proud to be a Farmer: Kelly AG in Headland
Proud to be a Farmer: Kelly AG in Headland
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 10:58 AM CDT
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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) - With the planting deadline being June 5, most farmers have their hands full with all the work needed to meet the deadline.

One local company is helping farmers across the Wiregrass take care of their farms.

In Headland, Kelly AG supplies local farms with all the things necessary to running a farm.

The manager of this store is Scott Blankenship and a farmer himself.

He says he enjoys helping local farmers.

“We try to be full service for the growers in the community and surrounding areas. We offer services as far as application of dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer. We offer row crop chemicals and seeds or any applications that the grower may need to perform his duties more efficiently,” says Blankenship.

Blankenship has spent over 30 years in the agriculture industry and for most people in the agriculture industry, this kind of work is far beyond just a job.

“It is not actually an occupation for most of these guys. For a bunch of them, it is a lifestyle. And that lifestyle is carried on through day and night. Worrying about the crops, and everything they have to provide and pay for. Through the help of everybody coming together and through grace we make it all go around.”

Helping others is a concept near and dear to Blankenship’s heart as he is a liver transplant recipient.

“Yes, we are proud to be a farmer, but me personally, I am proud to be alive. And no one can negate the fact that someone passed away for me to be alive right now,” Blankenship gratefully says about being a liver transplant recipient.

Blankenship is also happy to have a role in the start to finish process of growing crops.

“The proudness to do what we do is actually to see the miracles that you see everyday. You put a seed in the ground and it is like the miracle of birth itself. You put a seed in the ground, it sprouts, it grows, and you nurture it. It produces something that is great for the whole world and environment.”

The store is an extension of Kelly seed company. Kelly AG has another location in Hartford that offers the same services.

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