Josh McCoy and why he is proud to be a farmer

Proud to be a Farmer: Josh McCoy's unexpected love for farming
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 8:59 AM CDT
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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) - With conditions getting warmer, farmers across the Wiregrass are planting their first crop of peanuts.

While some start in farming at a young age--others get a later start.

Josh McCoy was working an office job when his father-in-law, Chris Thompson, was looking for some help with the business.

McCoy stepped in and has been in love with it since.

“It was all numbers, all managing peanuts and where things were going, so i enjoyed that and i kind of fell into that,” said McCoy. “Now, it’s turned over to on the farm every day and running the business at the same time.”

McCoy and Chris Thompson Farms have planted their first crop of peanuts.

With thousands of acres throughout a 90 mile stretch, they are ready to harvest quality peanuts regardless of other factors.

“We’re pretty spread out and that’s helped us in many ways because everybody knows these afternoon showers here are spotty and all over the place,” said McCoy. “Sometimes we can just jump from field to field and keep rolling. i don’t ever want to say that we’re getting too much rain, because that’s definitely not the case, but we’ve had pretty adequate rainfall here the past few weeks.”

From planting, processing and purchasing, McCoy says there is so much more to farming than many may know.

“I think sometimes the public sees farmers as getting in their truck, go into the farm and getting on open cab tractor and planting and just being dirty and nasty all day, but that’s not the truth anymore,” said McCoy. “There’s so much paperwork and business decisions that go into it.”

Though his story may be different from other farmers, McCoy is happy to be one himself.

“I am very proud to be a farmer because i feel like i’m doing something that helps make the world go round and helps put food on somebody’s table or clothing somebody’s back,” said McCoy.

According to McCoy, Chris Thompson Farms processes 11,000 tons of peanuts annually.

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