Wiregrass Humane Society reaches capacity, in need of adopters

With millions of dogs and cats being homeless across the nation, the Wiregrass Humane Society is working to change that reality and find pets fur-ever homes.
Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 3:55 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - There are millions of homeless dogs and cats across the nation. The Wiregrass Humane Society is working to change that reality and find pets their forever owners.

“We do stay full most all of the time, so we usually have a waiting list for animals to be surrendered,” Tammy Curtiss, member of the board of directors, said.

Inside the building it can be an emotional site to see, but it’s the everyday reality of the Wiregrass Humane Society and the pets there. But the emotional toll does not take over these employees and volunteers because they know they are saving these pets lives.

“It’s wonderful. I love working here. It is a lot of hard work,” Ashlyn Radney, an employee, said.

Radney said the job can be tough, but it’s all worth it seeing new owners adopt their companions.

“Just seeing dogs come in who are sad because it does take a toll on them coming in and just seeing rightful owners just walk in and they just have this huge smile on their face, and they go out and they are so excited,” Radney said. “It’s such a heartwarming thing to watch and see, and it’s so wonderful to be an experience of.”

Employees and volunteers at the humane society have worked to find homes for homeless dogs and cats for decades.

They take in pets to shelter, feed, and vet.

“We get them spayed or neutered, microchips, all their vaccines,” Curtiss said.

Then find them a permanent home.

“Our biggest need right now really is adopters,” Curtiss said.

Curtiss said right now they need help from the community.

“There are so, so many homeless animals that need places to go and not only us but all of the shelters stay full,” Curtisss said. “We usually have about 23 dogs at any time and about 20 cats, up to 30 sometimes.”

Curtis invites people who want to adopt to the building to find the perfect pet match.

“What we do is we can bring several dogs out here to meet them, because sometimes the dog you think you want from just looking isn’t the one you end up wanting,” Curtiss said. “You need to meet them, see how their personalities click so the best thing is to just come out here.”

Radney has adopted from the Wiregrass Humane Society and encourages others who are ready to take the step to do the same.

“It is one of the best feelings in the world knowing that you saved a pet and it really, sometimes you just find that right animal and it will be your heartwarming best partner in the entire world,” Radney said.

Curtiss said there are some requirements for potential adopters, such as a fenced in yard, but those vary on the individual pet. She said exceptions are sometimes made.

The Wiregrass Humane Society does not receive federal, state or local funding. They rely solely on donations from the community. One way you can support them is by shopping or donating at their Second Chance Thrift Shop. All proceeds benefit funding their mission.

“Profit that comes from the store comes here to the shelter to help keep this running,” John Webber, a volunteer, said.

Webber asks you to join him, whether it’s donating items or your time. The thrift store accepts everything except mattresses and older televisions. They also offer pick up services.

“At the thrift store, they are always in need of people to come in and help process the items and get them ready for sale,” Webber said. “As far as donations go, if there are people out there doing a spring cleaning or yard sales or even businesses in town that might have scratch and dents or items that they are trying to get off their floors for clearance we would be glad to come pick those items up and get them to our thrift store.”

Curtiss shares another way to support their quest in finding homes for all pets.

“Please spay and neuter your pets to help with the pet over-population problem because people who don’t work in rescue, I don’t think realize how bad it is,” Curtiss said. “There is just more homeless animals than there are places for them to go.”

Pets at the humane society are either surrendered, come from the city of Dothan Animal Control or surrounding shelters.

Right now the shelter is at full capacity and adopters are in dire need, as there is a wait list for new animals to be taken in.

Click here to adopt or donate.

The shelter is always in need of food and cleaning supplies. They accept Purina Dog Chow, Purina Cat Chow and any canned puree type dog or cat food. For cleaning supplies, they accept bleach (regular, not low splash) and paper towels.

If you are someone who has an animal you need to surrender you need to call the shelter at (334) 792-6693, or send an email to whsdothan@gmail.com.

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