Suspected killer won’t contest bond revocation

Jamie Townes won’t dispute his bond revocation after police charged him with robbery while he was not wearing a court-ordered tracking device.
A hefty bond insured Jamie Townes' trial appearance and an ankle monitor would track his every move. Things didn't turn out that way.
Published: Feb. 12, 2023 at 3:46 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -Suspected murderer Jamie Townes won’t dispute a judge’s order that he remain jailed until trial, his attorney revealed this weekend.

His $350,000 bond was revoked on February 5, following his arrest on robbery charges unrelated to his murder case.

Attorney Adam Parker, in a court document filed Saturday, said that Townes’ does not want a bond revocation hearing.

Prosecutors were surprised to learn that Townes was not wearing an ankle monitor that Houston County Circuit Judge Todd Derrick had made a condition of his release.

“To understand and find out the monitor was removed… that is concerning,” Houston County District Attorney Russ Goodman said of the matter.

But Parker told WTVY the device fell off two days before Townes’ robbery arrest and Townes reported that malfunction to one of his bondsmen, but nobody notified the court.

Prosecuting attorneys had objected to Townes’ bond posted by a trio of surety companies in 2021, three years after his arrest for shooting of Breunia Jennings, a 23-year-old woman who had stolen his car.

After Townes’ robbery arrest this month, Judge Derrick revoked his bond.

In another development, WTVY learned the tracking device was placed on Townes by a convicted felon who had been released from prison in 2018.

That man, Charles Ted Herring, told WTVY he was unaware Townes had removed the device.

Herring has not been implicated of wrongdoing but Goodman plans to speak to him about how to better handle monitor issues. .

“We’re going to pay a little more attention to who’s getting ankle monitors (and) who’s monitoring the individuals out on bond,” Goodman said.

Townes’ attorneys claim he shot Jennings in self-defense.

His trial could take place this year.

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