Pharmacies continue to struggle to fill ADD and ADHD medications amid shortages

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 7:57 PM CST
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MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WBRC) - If you haven’t been able to find you’re ADD or ADHD medication, you’re not alone. A nationwide Adderall shortage is forcing patients to find alternatives to their medication or simply go without it.

Shortages of ADD and ADHD medications started last year with Adderall, but that shortage has now expanded to include other medications like Ritalin.

But, a local pharmacist said patients and parents shouldn’t worry because there are plenty of treatment options.

“Yesterday morning, in one hour’s time period, we had 75 phone calls asking about the availability of Adderall,” said Pharmacist of Ritch’s Pharmacy, Rebecca Sorrell.

Ritch’s Pharmacy in Mountain Brook is just one of the thousands of pharmacies nationwide that can’t get ahold of Adderall, or it’s generics.

Sorrell said they’re out of every strength of the medication and it could be several months before it’s restocked.

“Some expect to be resupplied by February, second or third week. Some are saying we expect it to come back into stock, but full restocking will not happen until July of 2023,” Sorrell explained.

The Food and Drug Administration announced the shortage in October of last year.

Sorrell explains manufacturers only produce medications the first three quarters of the year stopping in the fourth quarter to evaluate for the following year.

She said that’s why we’re caught in the crunch now.

“Between the effects of COVID and shortage in workers and then increased need in the medication for people who are having trouble coping with what happened during COVID and trying to focus, we’ve got a shortage,” Sorrell said.

Sorrell said there will be a solution to the shortage eventually, but it’s going to take some time.

For now, she recommends getting back to the basics.

“Help them get a good night’s sleep. There’s lots of great lavender products out there for sleep or for calming the anxiety. Help them vocalize their needs. Let’s watch what we’re putting onto our plates. Let’s cut out the heavy dyes, processed foods, heavy sugars, heavy syrup, and get back to basic nutrition. That makes such a difference in our brain’s performance as well,” Sorrell said.

If you have questions about your treatment options, Sorrell recommends talking to your primary care physician to find alternative medications.

She said there are plenty of other medications that help ease symptoms.

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