Proud to be a Farmer: CornDodgers Farm

Corndodgers Farm connects the community with the country, sowing a love for agriculture into the Wiregrass.
Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 5:24 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - CornDodgers Farm has brought enjoyment to the community for 15 years, but it has had its set of challenges.

“We’re just really blessed with all of the opportunities we have been given, the support we’ve gotten from the community, the people that have worked with us and for us over the years,” co-owner of CornDodgers Farm Amanda Knight said.

CornDodgers farm started back in 2009 as a small family fun farm after the owners wanted to do something a little different.

“Row cropping really wasn’t working on the land we had, so we were looking for a way to diversify that and bring in another experience to the area,” Knight explained.

They are now going into their 15th year with over 30 attractions and 5 food service areas. But, their success hasn’t been without obstacles.

One of the biggest: weather.

“There’s been droughts. There’s been excess rain. I think the first year we were open, it rained every single day we were open. Had the prettiest corn we’ve ever had and nobody could come see it,” Knight told News 4. “And then, there’s been years that it’s just perfect, so you have to roll with those. You have to learn to manage around that.”

Even through the bad years, impact plays a big role in why the Knights continue to run the farm.

“The impact of farming is much further reaching than just leaving this field,” Knight said. “The satsumas we grow could end up on the plate of a child in Texas. When we do crop college on our field trips, we might inspire a kid who has never put their hands in dirt to go into agriscience and develop our next methods of cultivation. There’s so many opportunities to touch so many lives and educate.”

Hoping to leave a lasting impression on the next generation is just one thing that makes Amanda Knight proud to be a farmer.

CornDodgers Farm has a variety of events year round. This spring, they will offer a “you pick strawberries” for the first time ever.

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