Flooding leaves thousands in Summerville with little or no running water

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 4:57 PM CDT
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SUMMERVILLE, Ga. (CBS46) - After floodwaters rushed through Summerville, residents are now rushing to find fresh water wherever they could find it.

“We have no water whatsoever,” said Summerville resident Marvin Timmons.

For many that’s City Hall, where donations keep pouring in.

“We have a baby at home so we need water really bad,” said Summerville resident Sarah Timmons. “We have to make formula, so we’re struggling.”

While the city is recovering from this weekend’s flood, the focus now is on getting running water up and running.

“The biggest thing as far as the city of Summerville has been our water treatment plant,” said Mayor Harry Harvey.

Harvey said the water system, which was hit hard by the downpour, serves around 8,000 customers who have little or no running water as of Monday afternoon.

“There is water where it may have low flow, but the entire city is impacted,” said Mayor Harvey.

He said a full assessment of the plant could take days but adds as of now, there’s no specific timeline when residents can see water flowing again.

The hope is that the wait isn’t much longer.

“They are working now at doing parts of that and getting up what we possibly can,” said Mayor Harvey.

In the meantime, neighbors are grateful to fill up or pick up whatever they can get.

“They’re pulling together,” said Marvin Timmons. “That’s what the community needs, pull together and be as one.”

For those who do have some water flowing, the Mayor of Summerville tells families to boil it before they use it.

Neighbors will be able to pick up water at City Hall Tuesday as well if water is not back up and running.