Back to School on a Budget: Ways to save at Thrift Stores

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 8:34 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - With several students already back in the classrooms and others to follow in the coming days, parents may still be fretting about back-to-school items. One local thrifting expert is sharing her tips and tricks on how to go back to school on a budget.

Hundreds of thousands follow Dothan resident Kindra Trawick for her “beauty on a budget” advice. As a mother with young children, this shopping guru knows firsthand how many back-to school-deals can be scored at thrift stores.

“I always start at the shoes. When I’m shopping for my kids one of the first things I’m going to be looking at is of course the brand as well as the wear and tear on the shoe,” Trawick explains. “These shoes right here are only $9.99, these are perfect for picture day, a regular day at school.”

She says some shoes, though, are better than others.

“I wouldn’t really pick a shoe that’s not going to be easy to wipe off. Like these, I can simply wipe these and polish them,” Trawick says.

When it comes to pants and shirts, getting a few different solids can help build many different outfits.

“They have so many name brands so when it comes to like Chaps, Ralph Lauren, they have those,” says Trawick. “No shirt that I picked out is over $5 and some of them you can find with the original tag still on them.”

However, Trawick says new with tags isn’t always necessarily a steal.

“Google is my thing, I’m always googling,” says Trawick. “‘How much would this pack of socks be in a regular store?’ If it’s less at the regular store, I’m leaving these.”

When buying lunchboxes and backpacks, a thorough inspection is key.

“You would always look at like the bottom of it, it’s kind of worn. Always make sure that what you purchase is washable. That’s always going to be a huge thing,” she says.

You may be impressed with the initial prices, but Trawick says there are even more ways to save.

“When you enter any thrift store, look for the ‘tags of the week’ and they change every Monday so you’ll know what items have additional discounts” she explains. “A lot of times you can find something that might have a small discrepancy, the managers will actually give you an additional discount, and it may be something small that you can fix yourself.”

She says, in times with high inflation, counting every penny can be worth it in the long run.

“Thrifting is so helpful because you’re getting the same quality but at a cheaper price that way, you’re able to put away, you’re able to save more, you’re able to put your money where it’s needed,” she says.

You can find more tips and tricks for saving on Kindra’s YouTube channel.

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