Yellow Heart Memorial to honor Alabama’s COVID-19 victims

Hundreds of yellow hearts line a hall in The Pavilion in Georgetown, honoring those who lost...
Hundreds of yellow hearts line a hall in The Pavilion in Georgetown, honoring those who lost their lives to COVID-19.(WKYT)
Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 9:29 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Nearly 20 thousand Alabamians have died because of COVID-19.

Dawn Adams is a Shelby County healthcare worker, and she said the hearts that you see represent the celebration of the lives lost to COVID-19.

“We are honoring our loved ones and remembering the good times that we shared with them,” Adams said.

Adams lost her father to to COVID-19 back in January of 2021. She started her own COVID memorial called “Live Like Pop.”

“My dad raised me to believe that it’s the little things that count,” Adams said.

Adams then heard about Rosie Davis, who lost her mother to COVID-19, and started the Yellow Heart memorial.

Adams thought it would be a good idea to bring that project to Alabama.

“I asked her for the state of Alabama if it would be okay if we could have a penny to honor Live Like Pop inside the yellow hearts and she said absolutely, yes,” Adams said. “She loved that idea.”

The memorial is temporarily located at the senior center in Heardmont Park.

Adams is working to find a new permanent location, but is getting pushback from some elected officials who say it’s not the right time.

“I would have to disagree, and I feel sure that the community and those who have lost someone to COVID would definitely disagree,” Adams said. “This is the perfect time.”

This project is not limited to Shelby County or even Alabamians, its open to anyone from anywhere.


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