Dry summer keeping mosquitoes away

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 4:25 AM CDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Chatham County Mosquito Control says that their season is off to slow start but right now, their major concern is the bugs in your backyard.

This year has been extremely dry and hot, that does slow down the population and they haven’t had any wide spread issues, mainly just pockets of mosquitos.

Right now, back yard mosquitos are the big problem. The director at Chatham County Mosquito Control encourages you to go in your yard and try to get rid of any standing water to help with the issue.

Those neighborhood mosquitos are known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito, they don’t fly very far and you can usually see a bright white stripe down their back.

After we got some rain like Tuesday, just go and empty out anything that may have filled with water in your yard to protect you and your neighbors.

Even though there is no wide spread issue, it could all change quickly.

“All it takes is one rain storm, we just get one big rain and all of a sudden, three inches comes down and it changes the scenario. As dry as it has been this year, it might take a couple of good rain storms to catch up but there is a lot of mosquitos eggs that are sitting out there just waiting to hatch, they can wait up to 3 years so if the water comes back, they will be back out with it,” said Chatham County Mosquito Control Director Ture Carlson.

Since actual number of mosquitos is down, their main concern shifts to viruses that mosquitos could be carrying - but so far, there are none to report.

They continue to collect, test and control the population so they don’t bother us as much when we are outside.

But good new so far this season, most numbers are down for the department

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