107-year-old Georgia woman shares her philosophy on a happy life

She doesn’t think much about age thanks to her PMA: positive mental attitude, friends say.
107th birthday party
107th birthday party(WGCL)
Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 3:40 PM CDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - One Georgia woman has built more than a century’s worth of connections and friendships.

”She is a beautiful lady, a beautiful lady; we learn so much from her,” said PeggyCobb’s friend, Helen Allen.

Along her journey, she has gained more than a century’s worth of lessons on life and love.

”Furnish your mind well and you will always have a beautiful place to live,” said Cobb at a party celebrating her 107th birthday.

Having amassed more than a century’s worth of accomplishments, of mountains climbed and obstacles moved, Cobb has a great deal to look back on fondly.

”She would hang out at the local airport of this little town called Marshall, Minnesota, and she actually did a solo flight!” said Peter Cobb, Peggy’s youngest son.

Peggy Cobb has quite a storied history, and now she’s celebrated her most recent feat: turning 107. Cobb’s actual birthday was at the end of May, but the celebration was planned for Thursday.

”I am overwhelmed with being overwhelmed!” said Cobb.

She says she doesn’t think much about age because she has something her friends call PMA: a positive mental attitude.

”Be flexible, and you won’t be bent out of shape,” said Peggy.

The longer you’re in a room with Miss Peggy, the more you learn about her life. She is a children’s book author, one of 6 siblings, and obtained her Master’s degree in art at a time when women rarely attended college. She has a curiosity about life and a positive mindset that has never dulled, even when life took heartbreaking turns such as when she lost a daughter in 1998 from cancer.

”She had cerebral palsy, and to watch mom take care of everybody else and have this very positive attitude,” said Peggy’s youngest son Peter.

Even so, Peggy kept up the persistent positivity that shapes her outlook on life.

“No matter how bad things get, you can always find humor in something,” said Peggy Cobb.

Peggy is one of five residents here at Hammond Glen Retirement Community who has lived a century. The staff here knows how big of a deal that is, and they make it a point to celebrate along with the residents. April Parker, one of the employees at Hammond Glenn, organized this special surprise party for Miss Peggy.

”It means a lot...that she is well taken care of and enjoys the people she is staying with,” said Peter.