Ala. Department of Public Health shares germ safety tips for swimming pools, splash pads

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 4:58 PM CDT
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ALABAMA (WTVM) - Swimming and splash pads are a fun and easy way to stay active and cool off during the summer, but the Alabama Department of Public Health wants to remind you how to stay safe from germs.

The germs in the water can cause people to become sick, whether from swallowing water or kids contaminating the pool instead of using the bathroom.

Epidemiologist Supervisor Infectious Diseases & Outbreaks Division Amanda Ingram says it’s important to take kids on bathroom breaks or check diapers every hour to avoid germs getting in the water.

She says showering before getting in the water helps prevent bringing more germs into the area.

She also emphasizes not sitting or standing on the jets at splash pads. It rinses off bathroom residue and leads back into the water for others to potentially become sick.

Most germs are killed by chlorine, but certain germs like Cryptosporidium (Ctypto) can survive in properly treated water for around seven days. Ingram says these health tips allow everyone to enjoy the water while keeping each other safe from germs.

“Not all splash pads are created equal. Some are draining that water away in the sewer system. Not all of them do that. Some recirculate the water, which is really kind of disgusting to think about. You know because when it recirculates the water because it’s spraying it, it’s reducing the amount of chlorine Bromine that’s in that water. It’s not necessarily reducing the germs as much it would if it were in a pool.

Ingram wants to remind parents to always keep an eye on their kids at splash pads, especially pools, to ensure they’re safe.

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