Why Georgia gas prices may still increase until mid-June

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 11:15 PM CDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The ordinarily busy travel season is here. But what you’re paying at the pump could mean a change in plans.

Although gas prices are hitting record highs, experts say they don’t expect people to stay at home this summer.

Record numbers of people are expected to take road trips and vacations this summer. One obstacle for people in Columbus and nationwide -- the rising gas prices.

“I just feel like it’s unacceptable how high gas keeps going up, and it’s just getting out of hand,” said Columbus resident Kalexia Baker.

Georgia AAA says Columbus residents are paying 20 cents more than last week, $3.89 a gallon for regular, unleaded gas.

Baker says prices like that cost her $70 to fill up her tank, which she does twice a week.

“I just want to say gas is too high, and I should’ve voted for Trump,” said Baker.

Experts say inflation is causing everything to go up.

“We’ve seen lows less than two dollars a gallon to over four dollars a gallon,” said Georgia AAA Spokesman Garrett Townsend.

That includes crude oil, costing over $100 a barrel.

“Crude oil represents about 50% of what goes into gas prices,” said Townsend.

And prices at the pump are only expected to shoot up, thanks to higher demand with summer travel, plus the Georgia gas tax suspension ending at the end of this month.

“Right between Memorial Day and Father’s Day as usually where we find peak pricing for the year and then a downward trend,” said Townsend.

Townsend says it could be the middle of June before we start to see prices go down at the pumps. In the meantime, he offers these tips for travelers.

“People overlook the basic things, making sure their vehicle is maintained making sure they have the proper air pressure in their tires,” said Townsend.

Experts say rising fuel costs are also contributing to high ticket costs for flights.

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