Inflation taking its toll on Dothan shoppers

Data from the Department of Labor shows inflation reached 8.5 percent in March.
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Data from the Department of Labor shows inflation reached 8.5 percent in March.

That’s the sharpest year-over-year increase since 1981.

Consumers in the Wiregrass feel the effect every time they buy something.

News 4 spoke with Dothan shoppers to find out how much of an impact rising costs are having on their wallets.

“We’re spending at least probably $60 more a week on groceries I’d say, for two people,” says Catherine Muccio.

Muccio says she watched prices go up in recent months – impacting her weekly grocery haul.

“Well, it started out with beef, as we all know, and we’re not buying prime rib and filet minion right now. I mean it’s over $30 a pound,” she said.

Judy England says the cost of groceries forced her to shorten her grocery list.

“I have to limit, you know, what I can spend and what not. I don’t buy as much as I used to,” England said.

And it’s taking a toll on her savings account as well.

“I can tell that we’re having to spend more on groceries, and I don’t have as much to put into savings as I would have,” England said.

Gas prices also play a role – effecting how often people go to get groceries, or anywhere else.

“We’re not traveling as much. Making less trips to Dothan,” Muccio said.

Sara Rathner with Nerd Wallet has a few tips for shoppers looking to save on their grocery bill –

“You really want to cost compare whenever you’re shopping, but also combine that with coupons – which you might get in the mail, which you might clip, which you might be able to find online. And a cashback credit card that earns somewhere between two and six percent cashback when you shop at the grocery store,” Rathner said.

And for those struggling to put away money for a rainy day, Rathner suggests “[Setting] up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account, maybe every month or every week. Even if it’s a small amount, $10 a week, $20 a month, something that you feel comfortable doing.”

“Over time, that’s going to build up and that’s a really good habit to get into because if you can transfer the money out before you can even see it, you won’t be tempted to spend it,” she concluded.

All valuable tips in a time where relief for your wallet seems to be nowhere in sight.

“I’m afraid that they’re going to continue to go up. And I wish they would come down, but I think they’re going to continue to go up,” England exclaimed.

Grocery prices jumped 10 percent within the last year, Including 18 percent increases for both bacon and oranges.

Experts do point out; the March inflation numbers are the first to fully capture the surge in gasoline prices that followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February.

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