Opp hosts 61st Rattlesnake Rodeo

Published: Mar. 27, 2022 at 9:00 PM CDT
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OPP, Ala. (WTVY) - This weekend, thousands from all over came to the city of Opp for their annual Rattlesnake Rodeo.

Channell Lee Stadium has been filled with thousands ready to see rattlesnakes since the start of the weekend.

“It’s just something that the whole community, made for families, and families is our primary purpose,” says Kenn Howell, emcee and snake handler.

A snake handler for 51 years and counting, Howell says it warms his heart to see more people attend this unique event.

“It’s wonderful just to see the people that care from all over the county,” says Howell. “I had one of my people from the insurance business come from Rome, Ga. We’ve had them come from Paris on their wedding nuptials.”

For some, the most notable components of the rodeos aren’t the races or entertainment, but the education.

“They will learn what it is about the snakes,” says Howell. “How to control the situation once you encounter one, but safety and education is what we strive.”

This also includes their environments.

“They’re important to our ecosystem,” says Percy Morris, attendee. “If they go away, rodents would start overrunning the population. I’m talking about rats, field mice. They could do damage to the crops. it’s a very important part of the ecosystem.”

Junior Miss Opp Rattlesnake enjoys getting a new experience from the pageant to different components of the fair.

“There are so many awesome vendors,” says Taylor Day, Junior Miss Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo. And have you ever tried the fried rattlesnake? It’s so awesome.”

This marked the 61st rodeo and snake enthusiasts say this is one of the best years the rodeo has done in a while.

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