Dothan family finds fame on TikTok

Hunter and Devin of “The Cordle Family” TikTok account draw in viewers with content on Faith, family and community
Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 8:36 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - For Hunter and Devin Cordle, Faith, family, and community are not only what their viewers like to see, it’s what keeps them balanced in their everyday life.

“Sometimes I still look over at him and say ‘Is this real life?’” say Devin regarding her family’s newfound fame.

“People say ‘Famous, TikTok famous,’ we don’t know if that fits us yet,” says Hunter.

“We don’t feel famous,” Devin laughs, “we still just feel like Hunter and Devin!”

What started as a fun way to keep in touch while Hunter was at work, their TikTok account has racked up nearly 2 million followers in just a few months.

“He happened to shave his mustache and came in here and happened to record my reaction,” Devin recalls their first big hit on the app, “it was just us being ourselves.”

One of the Cordle’s most famous videos involving them arguing over pillows at a store has accumulated more than 25 million views.

Hunter isn’t just a social media sensation, he’s also a member of the Dothan Fire Department. He says making videos is a great way to decompress after a long shift.

“I love my job. Every once in a while you have a bad day, but this is something to look forward to, something we get to do together,” he says.

“He’s like more ‘on it’ now,” Devin says, “he’ll come home from work and be like ‘alright what TikToks are we making today?”

While TikTok has changed this family’s life, Hunter and Devin will be the first to tell anyone that social media breaks are vital.

“Our family comes first,” says Devin, “there are days where if we’re not careful, we can let the social media world take over. We really try to stay focused on each other. We just want healthy boundaries to protect our family.”

“We’ll spend the first 5-10 minutes replying to comments and interacting with followers,” Hunter says, “but then we try to shut it off and just have family time.”

From Devin’s priceless reactions to

From Devin’s priceless reactions to Hunter’s deadpan delivery, the Cordles undoubtedly have it factor. Both say though that balance and keeping it real are key to success—both in real life, and online.

“When people are like ‘wait you’re from here?’ because it is a small town. I’m glad we get to incorporate that,” says Devin.

While the Cordles have some travel plans — including an upcoming trip to Los Angeles to connect with more people and resources for maintaining their social media stardom — they say they have no intentions of leaving The Circle City anytime soon.

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