Stewart Halcomb of “The Springs” reflects on Enterprise Tornado 15 year anniversary

Stewart Halcomb of the county music duo “The Springs,” shares how he chooses to reflect on this day that affected many.
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 4:57 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The survivors from the EF-4 Enterprise tornado are using their voice — making it known that “looking for the light” is crucial in times of despair.

Stewart Halcomb of the county music duo “The Springs,” shares how he chooses to reflect on a somber day, and how he uses his gift of songwriting to help his community heal.

March 1st, 2007 is a date that doesn’t seem as far away as 15 years ago for Stewart Halcomb, half of the country music duo “The Springs.”

He was not yet a Nashville country music artist — but instead, a 17-year-old boy, crouched in a hallway with his friends.

“They said ‘hey you guys need to move right now to 2nd hall’ and where the science wing was was kind of between the third hall which is the one that actually got hit by the tornado and 2nd hall. So they moved us to 2nd hall because there was a little more room there,” Halcomb recalls. “I remember looking and seeing where 3rd hall was and the walls were just collapsed and we all said “hopefully nobody is under there…but we knew there probably was, we just didn’t know who. "

Eight of Halcomb’s friends and classmates from the small-town high school were lost, and a variety of emotions were experienced on that fateful day. On March 2nd, Halcomb channeled those emotions into his very first song— ”Held in His Love.”

Halcomb explains the meaning of some of his lyrics: “I wonder why it happened, I just can’t understand—why our school had to suffer, was it all in God’s hands? But I know we’ll recover, with help from above, for our friends who are with him, are being held in his love. That’s how I felt at that moment, was, not only was God present in that moment, but he’s also present with us to give us comfort through a tough situation.”

From there, Stewart quickly realized not only how much he enjoyed writing songs—but how he could use his gift of song songwriting to help his community heal.

“Look for the light, in whatever circumstance,” says Halcomb, “there’s always something positive that can come from it.”

He visits family and friends in Enterprise with his wife and child whenever he can, and says he’s proud of the progress his city has made.

“The memorial that they’ve set up at the old high school site. The murals that they have for each student are beautiful and it’s such a great tribute for our community,” says Halcomb.

“The Springs,” Stewart’s band with his wife, Holly, is currently working on a new album. He says he continues to write songs about what’s on his heart.

You can find out more about The Springs on their website.

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