Gov. DeSantis announces over $91 million of Hurricane Michael relief to Panhandle

Governor Desantis held a press conference in Marianna to deliver nearly 100 million dollars to...
Governor Desantis held a press conference in Marianna to deliver nearly 100 million dollars to panhandle communities.(WJHG/WECP)
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 3:29 PM CST
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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Gov. Ron DeSantis held a news conference in Marianna on Friday. The governor announced more than $91 million to multiple communities through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program.

“We’re awarding close to $100 million to communities that have been impacted by Hurricane Michael,” DeSantis said. “Of that, $62 million will stay right here in Jackson County.”

The City of Marianna received $18,387,235; the Town of Alford received $13,879,500; the Town of Grand Ridge received $8,525,501; the City of Graceville received $8,779,200; the Town of Sneads received $5,537,675; the Town of Malone received $3,041,300; the Town of Campbellton received $2,998,625; and the City of Jacob City received $1,412,073.

“These projects that will be funded by these awards will include everything from improving wastewater and sanitary sewer, to improving drinking water and storm water systems,” DeSantis said.

“What these projects will do is to allow us to filter that storm water before it hits the Florida pristine water way, Chipola river,” Marianna City Manager Jim Dean said. “That river goes to Gulf County, where the city of Port St. Joe takes its water for drinking water.”

Although Marianna is set to get more than $18 million, the Governor made it a point to bring money to small, surrounding areas as well.

“Its a little more emotional for me because Northwest Florida is where I was raised, this is the part of the state that I represented in the legislature,” Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said. “We’re just a small part of a very big state, but it’s nice to be remembered.”

This is what they hope will be another step forward towards improving the infrasturcture damaged by the storm.

Other communities receiving funds include: City of Blountstown, $9,933,954; City of Wewahitchka, $8,500,00; City of Bristol, $6,869,018; Town of Vernon, $1,674,622; City of Gretna, $750,000; and Town of Wausau, $737,652.

Governor DeSantis said he hopes this money will fund projects to help communities in case of future disasters.

Here’s the full list of funds via the governor’s office:

  • Town of Alford ($13,879,500)- to construct a city-wide septic to sewer remodel.
  • City of Marianna ($11,195,475)- to rehabilitate the City’s stormwater drainage system.
  • City of Marianna ($7,191,760)- to replace approximately 24,150 linear feet of needed potable water main pipes.
  • City of Blountstown ($9,933,954)- to repair damage to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • City of Wewahitchka ($8,500,000) - to conduct city-wide wastewater system repairs.
  • Town of Grand Ridge ($7,508,451)- to install emergency generators and SCADA communications systems to the Town’s lift stations.
  • Town of Grand Ridge ($1,017,050)- to replace the emergency generators at two potable water wells and install a SCADA communications system to the Potable Water System.
  • City of Bristol ($6,869,018)- to make wastewater and stormwater improvements.
  • City of Graceville ($6,347,700)- to support sanitary sewer system hardening and resiliency.
  • City of Graceville ($2,431,500)- to support Graceville Fire Rescue Station relocation and reconstruction.
  • Town of Sneads ($3,629,750)- to make restoration improvements and repairs throughout the Town’s wastewater treatment and transmission systems.
  • Town of Sneads ($1,907,925)- to support critical transportation and drainage infrastructure restoration project.
  • Town of Malone ($3,041,300)- to construct city-wide stormwater improvements.
  • Town of Campbellton ($2,998,625)- to rehabilitate the City’s stormwater drainage system.
  • Town of Vernon ($1,674,622)- to install emergency generators and communications systems to the City’s lift stations.
  • City of Jacob City ($1,412,073)- to upgrade drainage ditches city wide and pave two eroded roadways.
  • City of Gretna ($750,000)- to replace the City’s Ground Storage Tank.
  • Town of Wausau ($407,542)- to replace the storm water drainage culvert system and restore the damaged and undermined pavement and road base on 2nd Avenue.
  • Town of Wausau ($330,110)- to support potable water system hardening and resiliency.

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