Taking precautions with fireworks can ensure a safe holiday

Published: Dec. 29, 2021 at 5:38 PM CST
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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Many people like to ring in the New Year by filling the sky with fireworks, but taking safety precautions beforehand can make or break a holiday celebration.

Fireworks big and small will be filling the skies when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, and people from all over enjoy taking part in this tradition.

“We like doing it especially for the grandkids,” Florida Resident Anthony Harris said. “We get the grandkids all together and just let them watch me do all the fireworks. They even go out and help me light them up and everything because I’m just a big kid.”

However, owner of BJ’s Fireworks June Brannon said precautions need to be taken even before shooting the fireworks to ensure the celebration doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

“You need to be in an open area, a level place for your fireworks to sit, some way to bank them if they’re strong fireworks with sand or a brick,” Brannon said. “You need to have a water source close by, a garden hose or some way to get water immediately.”

According to Brannon, there aren’t any types of fireworks made for kids, and the main tips to stay safe while shooting fireworks are to always use common sense, and never leave kids with fireworks without adult supervision.

“Fireworks are not intended for toys, they’re not safe for children to handle on their own,” Brannon said. “We don’t sell to children, and if you’re going to have children around, you need to be very sure you are observing them carefully and don’t let them handle the fireworks themselves, they should be observing, they should not be handling fireworks.”

Some residents say they want to be safe, so everyone can have fun.

“You gotta be safe otherwise you won’t have another Fourth of July or another New Years,” Florida Resident Tony Harrison said.

Taking these precautions to keep everyone safe can ensure a fun celebration.

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