Family honors their daughter for 12th year with fundraiser

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 2:35 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - It’s a well-known fundraiser in the Wiregrass, but many may not know the inspiration behind the Goree family’s “Boston Butt Sale.”

For the 12th year, the Goree family has put on their fundraiser to honor the memory of their daughter Sarah.

Boston butts and ribs are sold this time each year in the parking lot of the Ross Clark Circle Lowes.

The money they raise will go to the Child Advocacy Center, inspired by their daughter’s love for young kids.

In 2001, Bill and Lisa Goree’s lives were forever changed when their teenage daughter Sarah was in a fatal car accident.

Wanting to find a way to honor her, the parents began holding the “Sarah Elizabeth Goree Memorial Gift to Children - Boston Butt and Rib Sale.”

Bill Goree says, “We thought about scholarships, we did a lot of thinking, and we had some friends on the board at the Child Advocacy Center, and then that’s how it developed, and we’ve been going ever since.”

Thanks to community support, the fundraiser has grown immensely over the past 11 years, greatly benefiting the Child Advocacy Center.

“We help to serve abused and neglected children, so through the funds we get from this sale, we’re able to better serve every single child and family that comes through our doors,” explains Laura Beth Thomas, Community Advocate for the Child Advocacy Center.

Goree expresses, “We wanna keep her memory alive, and every year friends show up, every year it gets bigger, we have more friends, lot of her old friends come up.”

For the Goree’s, the turnout for the fundraiser makes them confident that the impact Sarah had on those around her will never be forgotten.

“The t-shirts, and the signs,” it helps me, says Goree. “I mean, just to see my daughter’s name, I just love it.”

Changing the perspective on life for many.

“You just see life in a different way, you wanna give back, you’re just so blessed to have healthy fiends, and you just never know,” finishes Goree.

Saying the hope is to turn 12 years into 20.

They will sell until they run out, which typically happens quickly.

A rack of ribs is $30 and a Boston butt is $35.

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