Local students train to become educators

Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 5:32 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Gaining real-life experience before choosing a career path is crucial for students.

Students in Dothan Tech’s “Education and Training Program” are learning all about what being an educator means.

On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, they’re putting textbooks aside and helping teachers in the classrooms, this month at the Carver School for Math, Science and Technology.

Anyone can say they want to be an educator, but do you really know if it’s right for you until experiencing all it entails?

Dothan Tech’s 19 education students are in the process of figuring that out by working directly with teachers and students.

Jamilyn Vaughn, Junior at Dothan High School explains, “We’re learning really how to be future teachers, learning how to put together a lesson plan, and really learning how to interact, and the right way to teach your kids.”

Providing students with the understanding of what comes with being a teacher.

“Actually getting to learn and having hands-on on what to do in a physical classroom, instead of sitting there and learning out of a textbook, because you don’t really know how to interact in a classroom if you don’t have the experience,” says Vaughn.

She says the experience so far has reassured her decision to take this career path.

Vaughn continues, “I would definitely encourage people to get in this education and training program because it’s a really great experience to figure out if you actually want to interact with kids.”

The instructor’s hope is to have her future educators working right here in the Wiregrass.

“Not only are they learning from me, they’re also learning from a variety of teachers, and a variety of grades, and a variety of schools and I’m really hoping that I’m training the future educators so that they can come back and teach in our community,” expresses Paula Snider, Education and Training Instructor at Dothan Tech.

Each month students switch schools to ensure they gain experience working with a wide range of different grade levels, teachers, and subject matter.

Dothan High students interested in the program are highly encouraged to speak with their counselor on getting involved next school year.

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