Food supply shortage impacts local restaurants

Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 8:47 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - It’s not always fun going to a restaurant and hearing they’re sold out of your favorite dish. That’s a problem many local restaurants are facing.

“That makes it difficult because customers do want what they want when they want it,” Shane’s Rib Shack Owner Chris Gerkin.

When they want it, isn’t always when they can get it with the supply chain shortage.

“Pretty much anytime I hit submit, I’ve got my fingers crossed waiting to see what’s in what’s out, when it’s expected to come in, could be a couple of weeks, could be on the next trip order,” Tudor’s Biscuit World Owner Nick Schirtzinger.

Several local business owners told us getting dry goods and paper products from suppliers has also been difficult. However, food seems to be the toughest to find.

“Some of it like French fries, green beans, and onion rings, we have some issues,” said Gerkin.

“A lot of what we see out is chicken tenders, that’s been an issue to get in. Ground beef has also gone up a lot in price, a lot of your beef and poultry is very difficult to get in,” said Schirtzinger.

Many business owners told News Channel 7 that the issue is more than just supply shortages.

“Well I think a lot of it with the supply chain issue is as far as the delivery drivers, truck drivers, and getting our staff,” said Gerkin.

Staffing issues is another reason restaurants are having to tighten up their menus.

“Even then, it kind of puts more constraints because you might be working off a limited menu and then if you’re finding supply issues on top of that, it kind of compounds the problem that you’re running into and it creates a lot of unhappy customers,” said Schirtzinger.

Gerkin said even with the supply chain shortages, food quality or portion sizes will never be sacrificed. Schirtzinger said as the demand goes down after the holidays, he hopes the shortages will get better.

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