How historic is 2021′s rainfall?

How does 2021 stack up to recent years
Comparing 2021 to recent years
Comparing 2021 to recent years(WJHG)
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - So, obviously we have seen a ton of rain this year. I was curious as to how this year stacked up to recent years. I remember 2013 being the wettest I can remember. Just over July 4th in 2013 I got more than a foot of rain at my house in a day!

So, in the maps below I am showing the annual rainfall total maps from 2013-present. Obviously 2021 is incomplete and we still have <3months to go. The maps show a range of rainfall and not specific numbers, but it gives you an idea as to the coverage of rain and how much we saw over how big of an area. A few take aways...

1. White (100″+) only shows up in a few spots on the map in 2014 and 2018.

2. All but 2 years show a lot of light (70″) and dark (80″) purple on the maps.

3. I would classify only three years ‘typical’ or below average historically... 2015, 2016, but mainly 2019

In the chart below I have the rainfall totals at my house in Inlet Beach from 2013-present.

A few things stick out to me...

1. 2013 will likely runaway with the wettest year barring more rainfall insanity the next few months.

2. We average around 60″ of rain a year, but since 2013 7 years have been above average and 2 years were slightly below average

3. We currently rank 4th in rainfall in the 9 years since 2013, but we still have <3 months of rain to go & w/average rainfall we will surpass 3 of the years above us currently.

So to summarize... we still have a little under 3 months to go to finish the year, but two of those months are historically pretty dry (Oct/Nov). We will likely end up the year with the 2nd wettest year since 2013, but the biggest surprise is how wet the entire period from 2013-2021 has been. Almost every year has been average to well above average. Keep in mind we average around 60″ of rain a year.


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