Dale Medical Center seeing a spike in hospitalized COVID-19 cases

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 4:54 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Local hospitals are beginning to see yet another spike in COVID-19 cases despite vaccines being readily available.

“I currently have 9 patients in our hospital and two are in ICU.”

Dale Medical Center is seeing a 15 percent rise in positivity rates in those that they are testing. Most of these positives are different than what was seen during the first waves of the virus.

“We are seeing that those that are affected with covid-19 tend to be younger this round,” said Vernon Johnson – CEO Dale Medical Center.

Because of

“They thought they were young and would overcome the symptoms of the virus they would do well, but we are now having to push and do 12 years of age and older before school gets back in,” said Johnson.

All of the patients at Dale Medical Center currently are unvaccinated. Johnson hopes this will be a message of a wakeup call for others.

“The number one tool we have to our advantage right now we have a vaccine that’s available,” said Johnson.

A tool that is proving to make a difference even if you were to still get the virus.

“Can you get COVID after you’ve been vaccinated? Yes, there is a five percent of the population that will still get COVID it doesn’t say that it will guarantee you from not getting COVID but when you get it, it is a much milder case then if you had not taken the vaccine,” said Johnson.

Johnson says anyone wanting a vaccine can get it quickly through the medical center. So much so they are afraid some will soon go to waste.

“We will have probably a couple thousand vaccines that will expire we have been very aggressive in obtaining vaccines here but all across the state the number of people has declined that are taking it causing a lot of our vaccines to expire,” said Johnson.

And Johnson’s best advice to everyone is, “Don’t wait until you get COVID and say oh boy I wish I had taken that shot.”

Dale Medical Center is holding vaccination clinics every Thursday and Friday from 8am to 12. You can register by visiting their website or calling 334-443-1362.

On Thursdays they will be administering the first dose of Pfizer, and on Fridays they will be administering the first dose of Moderna.

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