Maintaining your home for hurricane season

Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -As the hurricane season ramps up, it’s a good time to check the outside of your home for potential problems following a tropical system.

The National Weather Service recently recommended residents of North Central Florida clear out any old tree debris lying around and clean all gutters before the next storm hits.

“Make sure your gutters are clear and make sure they’re extended away from your home. Obviously, hurricanes produce a lot of rain, and with that rain coming down a lot of homes here in Florida don’t have gutters. What gutters they do have are not extended far enough away,” Jeremy Tenney, general manager of the Florida Foundation Authority said.

Powerful wind gusts can easily pick loose debris from the ground and potentially damage property nearby. Tenney said it’s important to clean up after old trees that decay over time.

“I would make sure we trim our trees. Check on any old trees that may have the ability to fall down and physically damage your home or property or your neighbors home and property,” Tenney recommended.

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Roof shingles can also come loose in a storm, and Tenney said once the hurricane-force winds kick in, those little shingles could potentially fly through a window.

“Checking your foundation drainage system is also important,” he added. Tenney went on to say it’s a good time to change out filter fabric if there is any.

Aside from physical check-ups on your home, Tenney also stressed the importance of reviewing home insurance plans and verifying the amount of coverage included.

As Elsa continues to near, it’s a good time to get these chores out of the way while there’s time to prepare.

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