Tyndall Air Force Base continues its multi-billion-dollar rebuild

Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 4:31 PM CDT
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TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Tyndall Air Force Base is still well on its way to becoming the base of the future as it continues to rebuild. There’s never a dull moment at Tyndall.

“Demolition, reconstruction, MILCON, which is large buildings, temporary facilities, and plus of course our F-35s that are incoming in October of ’23,” Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Hoisington said.

More than 40 projects, including a new child development center and air control squadron, are already in the works. And that’s just the beginning! There’s a total of 120 new MILCON facilities being built in the next five to six years.

The base’s multi-billion-dollar rebuild continues, but not without careful planning.

“We have a big map that we layout and we go through different time points. And we progress into time and then we figure out and we go through where are the conflicts and problems,” Lt. Col. Hoisington said.

Lt. Col. Hoisington said possible problems could be anything that interferes with current and future missions.

“They will continue. And so that’s part of this exercise, how do we make sure that they continue smoothly as we’re doing these major construction efforts,” Lt. Col. Hoisington said.

This Rehearsal of Concepts, or ROC Drill, is critical not only for the missions but also to the surrounding communities.

“Noise contours, and flight mission contours, imaginary surfaces, departure, and arrival for the aircraft. We want to make sure that construction doesn’t happen in those zones, and we want to make sure the community is aware of where those zones are,” Base Community Partner Liaison Traycee Chapman said.

They’re making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, as Tyndall pushes to become the base of the future.

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