Is Critical Race Theory taught in Alabama?

What is Critical Race Theory?
What is Critical Race Theory?(free to use)
Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 11:08 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - State educators and lawmakers will soon be weighing the hot button issue of Critical Race Theory.

Governor Ivey proposed a resolution to the Alabama Board of Education to push back implementing this academic concept in K-12 education.

Critical Race Theory is not currently in the curriculum for Alabama and some state school board members want to keep it that way like many other states that are banning the controversial teaching.

So what is Critical Race theory exactly? It’s basically a curriculum that explores racism in our society.

The core idea is that racism doesn’t just stop at individual bias or prejudice, but that it’s something ingrained in our policies, legal systems and institutions. But those who oppose the idea believe it will create division among students and the community.

State Board of Education members are currently debating whether to ban CRT from K-12 education and plan to vote on this key issue.

The two members I spoke to believe the resolution will pass, meaning CRT will not be implemented into the curriculum.

Tracie West is on the Alabama State Board of Education for District Two who says it’s a very difficult discussion, let alone a difficult decision.

“That is a very stark, difficult subject. Particularly to discuss with young developing minds in K-12,” said West.

District Eight member, Wayne Reynolds, said he doesn’t see it as part of Alabama’s curriculum.

“The State of Alabama is not racist.,” said Reynolds. “It is not a component of our curriculum. In fact, we don’t want anybody to be taught no matter what your race or background is that you are either special advantage or disadvantage.”

Nothing has yet been decided or implemented.

A vote was delayed last week to further review the resolution. A final decision is expected to come in August.

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