COVID-19 Survivor: Larry Hall

Larry Hall is a 62-year-old Georgia man who survived COVID-19.
Published: Mar. 30, 2021 at 6:04 PM CDT
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - COIVID-19 is a deadly virus, stealing over half a million lives in the United States alone. But several have overcome the virus and we want to share those miracle stories. One of those survivors being 62-year-old Georgia man, Larry Hall.

Hall was diagnosed with COVID-19 in January in Blakley, Georgia. He did not have a mild case. Shortly after being diagnosed he was forced to be treated over 800 miles away from his family.

After spending a month in a Missouri hospital and two weeks on a ventilator, he said he does not remember much of his journey, but he is now home with his loved ones in Dothan wanting to share his story.

“My daddy has always been a fighter, like he has always been on go, not matter the situation,” Corresica Ford, daughter of Hall, said.

He knew he was considered as part of the vulnerable population to the virus.

Days after being diagnosed with the virus, he found himself in the emergency room in Colquitt, Georgia.

“Good thing I went because I probably would have died at home, because nobody was there with me,” Hall said.

The virus rapidly began to take a toll on Hall’s health.

“They called me that day, it was January 21st I’ll never forget it, I was at work,” Ford said.

His daughter, Ford, hearing news she couldn’t grasp. She said it felt like a punch in the gut.

“They was like, ‘Well your dad is not breathing enough to keep his lungs alive, he’s breathing on 50 percent and so therefore we are going to have to incubate him,’” Ford said.

The local hospital was not equipped for treating Hall and neither were any surrounding states as all ICU beds were full. After contacting more than 150 hospitals in six states, SSM St. Mary’s in Jefferson City, Missouri was the closest available bed for Hall.

“I was not expecting that far,” Hall said.

Hall’s family had to watch him be airlifted states away.

“That was hard seeing my dad like that,” Ford said. “It was very hard.”

As Hall was fighting for his life, he said he was missing his family the most.

“It’s devastation for number one,” Hall said. “By them calling me on the phone that meant a lot, because I could hear their voice.”

Through all of the challenges Hall said God answered his prayers and made him a survivor.

“I prayed a lot while I was up there in Missouri,” Hall said. “I didn’t have no family, I just prayed and did what they asked me to do, and that was that. Next thing I know they picked me up and brought me home.”

It has now been two months since Hall was diagnosed and he is still on the road to recovery. Today he is working on strengthening his muscles and said he has several more months ahead.

Hall and Ford encourage everyone to continue to adhere to CDC guidelines because they do not want anyone to have to go through the same thing.

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