Headland PD sees increase in traffic violations during spring break season

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 4:09 PM CDT
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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) - Many schools and universities have been out for spring break, which means thousands have been traveling major roadways.

WTVY spoke with the Headland Police Department about the impact spring break travelers have had. Headland police Chief Mark Jones says traffic triples along Highway 431 during spring break each year.

“We look at spring break, not just as Alabama and Georgia spring break. We’ve got Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, all the northern states come through,” Chief Jones said.

The increase in traffic has lead to an uptick in traffic stops.

Jones says some spring breakers are causing problems by beginning spring break before reaching their final destination.

“Our call volume will near about double during spring break. Traffic citations, traffic warning will go up drug cases go up, alcohol drug cases go up. Especially the young ones, they’re ready to get to Panama City, trying to go have a good time. We get them coming through at a high rate of speed, partaking in illegal drugs and alcohol. And naturally, they cause a problem,” Jones said.

That’s why Jones warns that it’s important for all travelers to follow traffic laws.

“You want to make sure you’re buckled up, obey all traffic laws, drive responsibly, and be very cautious of the way you’re driving and the way others are driving,” Jones said.

One major problem the department sees is people refusing to get over.

“People ride in the left lane. Not only does that become, not only do we get road rage out of it, but we get accidents involving people, riding below the speed limit in the left lanes, not moving over for other traffic, so we encourage everybody, you know, move over. The left lane is for faster traffic and passing only, move over to the right lane, if someone pulls up behind you in the left lane, move over,” Jones said.

Jones reminds drivers about the state’s Move Over Law, which requires drivers to get in the left lane when passing a traffic stop. He says when drivers fail to do that, it makes an officers job even more difficult in an already dangerous environment.

The Headland Police Department has increased its’ patrol units during the spring break season.

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