Many younger Georgians excited about COVID-19 vaccination opportunities

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 10:21 PM CDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Gov. Brian Kemp earlier today gave millions of Georgians the chance to get the vaccine.

Right now, our CDC ranking isn’t great as the Peach State is 46th in the nation when it comes to giving out the vaccines we’ve received.

But with this latest expansion, Georgia’s numbers are expected to improve. Everyone ages 16 and up will be able to get the vaccine soon if there are appointments available.

Let’s face it: People in their teens and 20s are probably the most likely to hit downtown, nightclubs, and big parties.

They’re also less likely to see severe complications from COVID-19 anyway.

So, we had to ask: do they even plan to get the vaccine?

For Soul Bar bartender Roshond Boone, vaccines open to everyone means more people can hit the town at night.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the vaccine because again, that’s going to bring a lot more people out. That means more people, more money. I love money, boss loves money, downtown loves money.”

Down the street, 26–year-old Jenna Ansley tells us she will be getting her shot and is excited for things to move forward.

“Mainly just hanging out with people again, and not feeling uncomfortable with that,” she listed.

But not everyone here feels the same way. Joseph Evans is 18, and a student in Richmond County. He told us that he’ll be holding off on getting his vaccine dose.


“I feel like if I was to get vaccinated, I would catch COVID. I feel like I would catch it before it’s helped me not get it,” Evans said.

And many people we talked to who did not want to go on camera worry about the same thing.

The CDC says none of the vaccines can give you the COVID-19 virus, however, some people do have some side effects which can feel like covid.

But the CDC says these are normal.

Over in Evans, we also met 20-year-old Dean Owens at the skate park. He says he doesn’t feel comfortable getting the shot because it’s so new, and because no one in his family is at risk.

“My parents are both extremely healthy so I’m not really— I don’t have a lot behind it, I don’t have a lot telling me I should go get it.”

But back downtown, those who run bars and restaurants say they’re hopeful most of their customers will start feeling better about going out.

“A lot of people who are just now coming back, because again, I haven’t seen some people in a year now. So, I feel like with them getting the vaccine now, they’ll show back up,” Boone said.

And maybe the next time they show up, they’ll have a band-aid to show off.

In his news conference today, Gov. Kemp said vaccine appointments could be harder to get as we have so many eligible for their shot.

Everyone will be able to get their vaccine starting Thursday.

You can pre-register now at

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