Henry County voters to decide on Sunday alcohol sales during next election

Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 4:35 PM CST
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HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) - Henry County residents will have their chance to vote on whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales within county limits.

“Well, that’s our democracy. The people have a right,” Commission Chairman David Money said.

The Henry County Commission approved a referendum 4 to 1 in favor of letting voters decide whether to allow beer and wine sales on Sundays after 2 p.m. during Tuesday’s commission meeting.

“Who knows how this Sunday alcohol sales will go. But at least the people have a chance to talk. They elect us to represent them, not to dictate to them,” Money said.

Money says there have been mixed reviews since the issue was brought up at the December commission meeting. Several local business owners voiced their support. When the commission tried to pass a resolution last month, Money says residents called and emailed their district commissioners, voicing their disagreement.

The resolution was ultimately considered void and nulled due a technicality. Money admits mistakes were made last month by the commission not going to the people in their respective districts first.

“The folks that were wanting to have the Sunday sales, are just needing all the income they can get. Mostly the ministerial association and a lot of citizens felt like we’ve gotten along this long without it,” Money said.

As of right now, voters will decide during the next primary election in May 2022. That could change if a special statewide election were to be called before that time.

As far as a local special election goes, Chairman Money says he’s not in favor of one because that would cost thousands of tax payer dollars.

If voters pass the referendum during the next county-wide election, only establishments within the county limits would be affected.

Cities like Abbeville or Headland would have to take up the issue independently to allow alcohol sales within their city limits.

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