FEMA temporary housing deadline ended on Thursday

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 7:39 PM CST
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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - It has been more than two years since FEMA set up living facilities in Bay County to give those displaced by Hurricane Michael a temporary place to live.

“We started this whole thing after Hurricane Michael with over 875 families that we had to put into the FEMA direct housing program,” Emergency Management Director Frankie Lumm said.

The program ended Thursday.

But Bay County Emergency Management Director Frankie Lumm told us no one would be kicked off the property if they did not have a place to go.

“We have got it down to 13 families is what we have been looking at in the last two weeks. And working with them on what their financial situation was where can we step up either as a county, from the federal side or our faith-based non-profits and helping them with rental assistance and things of that nature,” Lumm said.

Those who do not vacate any units they signed an agreement for through the program, will be charged a penalty fee.

“The penalty fee is based on a case by case basis on the type of unit they were in,” FEMA Spokesperson David Mace said.

FEMA and Bay County will continue to work with those who still need some help.

“The local non-profit agencies are still working with them to find them a permanent housing solution, and that is what we are working towards that is making sure everyone that is currently in a unit has a permanent housing solution,” Mace said.

“No one will be out on the street at the end of the day we will continue to work with them but every day it just gets a little bit harder and harder to get them taken care of,” Lumm said.

Local non-profit organizations have helped tremendously and on the deadline day, some of them donated box trucks to help a few move out.

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