Elba city officials and residents concerned over intersection

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 9:57 PM CST
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ELBA, Ala. (WTVY) --

The intersection of highways 84 and 87 in Elba recently changed from a caution light to a four-way stop by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Now residents are concerned about the change.

”That’s a dangerous intersection,” said Elba resident Van McCall and city officials agree.

”I don’t want a death to cause us to have to do something that we should’ve done from the start,” Elba District 5 Councilman A.R. Williams said at the city council meeting on Monday.

McCall lives about 300 feet from the intersection and he’s already seen close calls since the change.

”I personally witnessed two cars that went through the intersection without stopping. My wife just last week pulled up stopped and fortunately she looked and when she looked a car came through and didn’t even hit the brakes.”

McCall has an idea that could solve the issue.

“Best case scenario would be to have a traffic light,” McCall added. “The worst-case scenario would be to have a caution light. How many 4 lane roads have you seen that have a 4 way stop,” but city leaders say the state has already told them they don’t have any plans to change the current set up.

“I think they need to reevaluate it,” McCall explained. “I really think a light needs to be there and I have not seen a traffic count. I know I have seen vehicles by the road that they did a traffic count. I don’t like to go through stoplights, but I think from a safety standpoint it’s necessary.”

Not to mention the traffic back up from every direction.

“Within the past few weeks, I have seen as many as 11 cars backed up at this intersection towards Troy,” McCall said.

City leaders and residents say they only expect it to get worse as it continues to get closer to summertime.

“Right now, we are in a slack, McCall finished. “When summer gets here, the traffic on this road is probably going to double with people going to the beach.”

We have reached out to ALDOT but they have not issued a response yet.

Senator Jimmy Holly and Elba Mayor Tom Maddox have expressed their concerns with ALDOT leaders.

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