Mayor of Donalsonville looking to make big changes as he approaches one year mark

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 2:15 PM CST
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Growing up in Donalsonville, mayor Ron Johnson always had one thing on his mind, change.

“My vision is especially not only for the youth but also all people, all families, white, black, blue, purple, men, women, young, middle age and elderly,” Ron Johnson, mayor for the City of Donalsonville said.

For Johnson, now a sixth grade teacher at Seminole Middle he knows exactly where that change needs to start. Giving back to the youth.

“As a teacher I see where our youth is headed and to me it just breaks my heart because there is a lack of structure. Not all but there are some kids that look to me as their father. I just want to be a bridge between our youth and them reaching where they ultimately can end up being and that’s wherever they want to be with hard work and dedication,” Johnson said.

“The important thing is our citizens they voted for SPLOST. My whole thing is once SPLOST was voted yes, then when it’s time for the SPLOST funds to be allocated then hopefully we can go about building a community center, something for the youth,” Johnson said.

Johnson also has other goals on his mind, cleaning up the town with the installment of Project Beautification 2023.

“We’ve started down town with two cleanups and now we’re going to neighborhoods in the city as well as the county. We’re trying to clean up, make Donalsonville more presentable and hopefully if Donalsonville looks appealing it’ll draw and attract outside industry and business,” Johnson said.

As well as attracting a franchise to help with Johnson’s ultimate goal, the growth of the town.

“Growth. Growth as well as hope, also to help small business believe it or not. Our population is 2,600 people, if we can double that and get to 5,200 not only will we have more choices but also small business will not only have a better chance to survive but to thrive,” Johnson said.

The next clean up for Project Beautification will be March 6th. If interested in helping email: or

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