Seminole County Elementary School students go on a trip to the farm without leaving school

A mobile agriculture unit provides students with an interactive lesson on Georgia’s biggest job market
Published: Feb. 5, 2021 at 4:57 PM CST
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DONALSONVILLE, GA. (WTVY) - Just the third school to experience it, Seminole County Elementary School went on a virtual field trip to the farm.

At Seminole County Elementary School you don’t have to go far to get an agricultural experience all you have to do is walk inside the mobile ag classroom that’s parked right out back and you get an interactive experience about all things related to Georgia agriculture.

It started in the classroom over the past week.

Malyn Smith, Seminole County Elementary School student said, “In class we were just learning the basic stuff but here they probably do it deeper.”

The mobile ag unit shows students all the job opportunities related to the agriculture industry in Georgia.

Jay Winkler, Seminole County Elementary School Principal said, “Agriculture is our number one industry especially around here in rural Georgia and a lot of our students grow up to graduate to go into the agricultural field.”

This experience even got one student interested in pursuing agriculture as a future career.

Rylan Cook, Seminole County Elementary School Student said, “Now I really really think that I want to be a farmer.”

Whether they wanted to make a future out of it, or not students were still very excited to participate.

“I can’t wait to see the rest of it,” Smith said.

COVID has stopped schools from going on normal field trips. With this mobile unit the filed trip can come to them.

Jeff Nunnery with the Georgia Farm Bureau said, “We’re able to go from school to school with this unit and educate kids where their food comes from.”

Students walk away with a better understanding about the intricacies of the farming system and a few fun facts to share with friends.

Cooks said, “Do you know that Georgia is the number one state that produces cotton and peanuts?”

The mobile ag unit was brought to the school through a sponsorship with the Triangle Chemical Company and the Seminole County Farm Bureau.

Local farmers are also scheduled to tour the ag unit before it leaves the area.

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